Add a download to sell
We heavily encourage selling multiple files together in a single download if they were created from the same photo shoot, or “scene.” This simplifies the store and makes for a more cohesive user experience. A scene may consist of a single video, multiple videos, a zip file of pictures, audio or text files, or any combination.
We are forbidden to host content containing pissing, shitting, violence, anything forced, passing out, drugs, hallucinating, inebriation, nonconsensual sex, vomiting, beastiality, celebrities, incest, kids or pre-teens, nudists, pedos, or necrophilia, even if it’s totally fake, implied, or even just spoken about.
You must own the content. You must maintain your own model release forms and records for everyone in your scenes. You assume all responsibilty for any legal repercussions resulting from publishing this material, including copyright disputes, performer issues, etc.
Occasionally, customer refunds will be necessary. We offer no uptime guarantee. Please see our complete terms of service.
Keep backups of all your files!
To sell on your store
First, set up your store and supply payment and business information.
Upload some files to your bin. Once they’re there, click the checkbox next to one or more files that you wish to put into a scene. Don’t forget to include any trailers! Click “Add selected files to scene” then fill out the form.
After we approve it, your scene will be displayed on the main store, and on your virtual store once it has at least 5 videos for sale. Any trailers will automatically appear on the Videos pages.
Customers will have a 5-day window to permanently download the content to their device.
We pay you a royalty of 75% on all sales. Payment is made weekly through Paypal . Paypal charges you 2.9% plus a flat $0.30 fee when we send you your money (4.4% plus a currency conversion fee for non-USD payments). Withdrawals to your bank account are free unless you live outside the USA, in which case your payment service will charge for currency conversion (normally at the current rate plus 2.5% plus $0.30). Your bank may also charge its own fees for receiving the deposit. Please price your content with these fees in mind.
Payments are sent on Sunday, two weeks after the end of each week of sales. The minimum balance required for payout is $25 (depending on your settings). Otherwise your balance will accrue until the week it reaches that amount, then the balance will be paid two weeks after that week ends.
Unless you were paid by check, made over $600, and live in the USA, we will not send you an annual 1099 tax reporting form. We send royalty payments mostly via 3rd-party payment services, and they are obligated by law to send USA residents a “1099k” form by January 31. You will only receive a 1099k from a service if you were paid at least $20,000 and had 200 transactions during the year. This means that many producers may get no 1099 or 1099k at all. But everyone is still required to report and pay taxes on all their yearly royalties. If you were paid both electronically and by check, you may receive two both tax forms for the corresponding amounts. We may opt to make your 1099 available in electronic format only, and downloadable as a file.

To get a report from us on your total annual sales income, use the pulldown on the top-left corner of your Payouts page. In the USA, you report your royalties to the IRS as self-employment income on form 1040 C. Info on that is here. Because laws change, we protect ourselves by asking that all producers participating in our store system supply us with a completed Store. Please upload a new copy if any information changes.